Mapping the risk of Avian Influenza in Europe

As part of the MOOD tools and services for the Epidemic Intelligence platform under construction, Dr Maria Vincenti Gonzalez from the Spatial Epidemiology Lab (SpELL) at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, has announced the activities related to risk mapping techniques based on Species Distribution Models (SDMs), which will be applied to disease distribution data with a careful selection of predictor variables:

  • Risk mapping on the probability of disease occurrence among wild birds based on climatic and vegetation indexes;
  • Georeferenced genomic sequences of conversions leading LPAI to HPAI;
  • Clustering;
  • AI transmission risk at the interface of domestic poultry and wild birds (?) to determine the risk level of introduction.

Find out more and follow up on the updates from the Avian Influenza case study (and related tool development).