MOnitoring Outbreaks for Disease surveillance in a data science context

With climate change, animal and human mobility, growing populations and urbanization, there is now an increased risk of the emergence and accelerated the global spread of new pathogens. It is crucial that the emergence of a pathogen can be rapidly detected and assessed for the risk it poses to public health through all all the available sources of data. 

With the funds provided by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 ‘Research and innovation programme ( grant agreement No 874850), the MOOD project aims at taking advantage of data mining, analysis and visualization of health, environmental and other data to enhance the utility of event-based surveillance (EBS). Ultimately, MOOD is supporting the work of European and global public and veterinary health agencies and surveillance practitioners by providing existing monitoring platforms with novel features, and methodological and practical support adapted to their needs. 

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A platform to enhance disease emergence and risk surveillance 


Data & covariates access

A one-stop “shop” for the visualization and download of relevant standardized covariates relative to the MOOD model diseases and, more generally, to infectious disease emergence in support of risk assessment and modeling
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Epidemic Intelligence Data and Vizualisation

A vizualisation tool for epidemiological data of various origin (event-based and indicator based) and a media monitoring tool PADI-web.
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Disease risk mapping

This module provides risk maps and other modelled outputs, aiming at highlighting areas suitable for the occurrence of (mainly) specific zoonoses in animals and humans, to support improved disease detection, monitoring and surveillance.
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MOOD EI platform (module 1, generic part)

Epid Data Explorer (module 2)

A MOOD foundation to ensure the sustainability of the platform

The long-term sustainability and societal impact of MOOD will be achieved through the creation of the MOOD Epi-Platform International Non-Profit Association (INPA) which will perpetuate the work of the MOOD project.

The MOOD Epi-Platform Objectives

  1. Promote, maintain and further develop the standardised “MOOD Epi-Platform” that hosts the epidemiological e-tools developed by the MOOD project;
  2. Encourage the development, hosting and maintenance of additional state-of-the-art epidemiological e-tools and services, by its members, after the MOOD project is finished;
  3. Standardise and host relevant state-of-the-art epidemiological e-tools developed by third parties that wish to become a member of the INPA;
  4. Provide capacity building to support and promote the use of the tools offered by the MOOD Epi-Platform INPA. 

About MOOD

The MOOD project aims to develop innovative tools and services in close collaboration with those working in the early detection, assessment, and monitoring of current and potential infectious disease threats in Europe and beyond. This will involve feedback sessions and demos of the tools under development. Join us!

The MOOD innovations will increase the operational abilities of epidemic intelligence systems to face new disease threats, including emerging diseases of known or unknown origin, and antimicrobial resistance pathogens in view of climatic and environmental changes.

MOOD's targets

Human Health

Public Health
Human Health
Human-Disease Surveillance Practitioners

Animal Health
Animal-Disease Surveillance Practitioners

One Health
Health international organizations, national agencies, Epidemic intelligence practitioners


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Milestones & Deliverables

New Deliverable/Milestone

Deliverable 7.10

This deliverable summarizes the main collaboration points between the MOOD and VEO project consortia for the second year of the MOOD project.

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