MOOD Innovations for Epidemic Intelligence: Users Consultation – July 13, 2021

Since its beginning in January 2020, the MOOD project is aiming at developing innovative tools and services for the early detection, assessment, and monitoring of current and future infectious disease threats across Europe in the context of continuous global, environmental, and climatic change. To make this possible, proactive collaborations must be built between future users of the project outputs and MOOD researchers. To reinforce and establish these interactions, MOOD has invited various end-users to participate in the first online user consultation on July 13, 2021. 

This virtual meeting provided the opportunity to the MOOD research teams to present not only the project overview, but also the MOOD innovation strategy and to illustrate five case studies at the centre of MOOD strategic workflow.
Here you can find the most important material from the event.

Videos and presentations:

Meeting agenda

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1. MOOD Global Presentation and Overview of User Needs for Innovation

The global presentation (00:00 to 6:23) was held by Renaud Lancelot, MOOD Project Coordinator 

The Overview of User Needs for Innovation  (6:27 to 17:09) was held by Fanny BouyerWP1 subtasks leaders (GERDAL, France) and Timothee Dub(THL, Finland)


2. Five case studies for showcasing data science driven solutions to address identified user needs

Presented by Wim Van Bortel – WP1 leader (ITM, Belgium)


3. Epidemiological data and covariates to support MOOD risk assessments

Presented by Luca Busani – WP2 subtask leader (ISS, Italy)


4. Innovative text-mining approaches for improving Event-based surveillance systems

Presented by Mathieu Roche – WP2 & WP3 subtask leader (Cirad, France)


5. The analysis of surveillance data can contribute developing ways to diseases control

Presented by Jean Artois – WP4 subtask leader (ULB, Belgium)


6. Accessing and using MOOD’s innovative tools

Presented by Cedric Marsboom – WP5 leader (Avia-GIS, Belgium)


Short report

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