Visualizing COVID-19 mortality in Europe, as of 23rd July 2020

European countries categorized according to their COVID-19 mortality patterns combining cumulative mortality rate, time from the first death to the mortality peak, and various indicators of mortality persistence after this peak.The categories are ranked from 1 (the most severe with respect to COVID-19 mortality features) to the mildest. Ranking is based on the results of a principal components analysis of mortality features, using data available from ECDC on 23rd July 2020.

Visualizing COVID-19 mortality in Europe

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This work is done in the frame of the Horizon 2020 MOOD project (2020-2023) funded by the European Commission.



  • To provide a near real-time visualization of COVID-19 related mortality in Europe, highlighting:the public-health consequences of COVID-19 transmission dynamic – in particular to help knowing whether an epidemic peak in daily mortality rate has been reached and starts decreasing,
  • the effect of the implementation of lockdown measures on daily mortality rate.

Created by Renaud Lancelot, CIRAD, France