Maps of human mobility change during the COVID-19 outbreak


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MOnitoring Outbreak events for Disease surveillance in a data science context


MOOD Maps of human mobility change during the COVID-19 outbreak

Itemised list of data downloads:
Downloads EU Global
SHP Shapefile used to create mobility change maps (zip)
EXCEL 1 Spreadsheet of data extracted from Google mobility reports for mapping by country and region from 01/10/20 (xlsx)
EXCEL 2 Spreadsheet of data extracted from Google mobility reports for mapping by country and region up to 30/09/20 (xlsx)
EXCEL 3 Spreadsheet of 3 day means extracted from Google mobility reports by country and region from 01/10/20 (xlsx)
EXCEL 4 Spreadsheet of 3 day means extracted from Google mobility reports by country and region up to 30/09/20 (xlsx)
05/04/20 JPGs Maps of changes in mobility to 050420 for EU (zip) Maps of changes in mobility to 050420 for World (zip)
11/04/20 JPGs 110420 for EU (zip) 110420 for WD (zip)
17/04/20 JPGs 170420 for EU (zip) 170420 for WD (zip)
26/04/20 JPGs 260420 for EU (zip) 260420 for WD (zip)
30/04/20 JPGs 300420 for EU (zip) 300420 for WD (zip)
02/05/20 JPGs 020520 for EU (zip) 020520 for WD (zip)
07/05/20 JPGs 070520 for EU (zip) 070520 for WD (zip)
09/05/20 JPGs 090520 for EU (zip) 090520 for WD (zip)
13/05/20 JPGs 130520 for EU (zip) 130520 for WD (zip)
21/05/20 JPGs 160520 for EU (zip) 160520 for WD (zip)
21/05/20 JPGs 210520 for EU (zip) 160520 for WD (zip)
25/05/20 JPGs 250520 for EU (zip) 250520 for WD (zip)
29/05/20 JPGs 290520 for EU (zip) 290520 for WD (zip)
05/06/20 JPGs 050620 for EU (zip) 050620 for WD (zip)
12/06/20 JPGs 120620 for EU (zip) 120620 for WD (zip)
14/06/20 JPGs 140620 for EU (zip) 140620 for WD (zip)
19/06/20 JPGs 190620 for EU (zip) 190620 for WD (zip)
21/06/20 JPGs 210620 for EU (zip) 210620 for WD (zip)
26/06/20 JPGs 260620 for EU (zip) 260620 for WD (zip)
28/06/20 JPGs 280620 for EU (zip) 280620 for WD (zip)
03/07/20 JPGs 030720 for EU (zip) 030720 for WD (zip)
05/07/20 JPGs 050720 for EU (zip) 050720 for WD (zip)
10/07/20 JPGs 100720 for EU (zip) 100720 for WD (zip)
12/07/20 JPGs 120720 for EU (zip) 120720 for WD (zip)
17/07/20 JPGs 170720 for EU (zip) 170720 for WD (zip)
19/07/20 JPGs 190720 for EU (zip) 190720 for WD (zip)
24/07/20 JPGs 240720 for EU (zip) 240720 for WD (zip)
26/07/20 JPGs 260720 for EU (zip) 260720 for WD (zip)
31/07/20 JPGs 310720 for EU (zip) 310720 for WD (zip)
02/08/20 JPGs 020820 for EU (zip) 020820 for WD (zip)
07/08/20 JPGs 070820 for EU (zip) 070820 for WD (zip)
09/08/20 JPGs 090820 for EU (zip) 090820 for WD (zip)
14/08/20 JPGs 140820 for EU (zip) 140820 for WD (zip)
16/08/20 JPGs 160820 for EU (zip) 160820 for WD (zip)
21/08/20 JPGs 210820 for EU (zip) 210820 for WD (zip)
23/08/20 JPGs 230820 for EU (zip) 230820 for WD (zip)
28/08/20 JPGs 280820 for EU (zip) 280820 for WD (zip)
30/08/20 JPGs 300820 for EU (zip) 300820 for WD (zip)
04/09/20 JPGs 040920 for EU (zip) 040920 for WD (zip)
06/09/20 JPGs 060920 for EU (zip) 060920 for WD (zip)
11/09/20 JPGs 110920 for EU (zip) 110920 for WD (zip)
13/09/20 JPGs 130920 for EU (zip) 130920 for WD (zip)
18/09/20 JPGs 180920 for EU (zip) 180920 for WD (zip)
20/09/20 JPGs 200920 for EU (zip) 200920 for WD (zip)
25/09/20 JPGs 250920 for EU (zip) 250920 for WD (zip)
27/09/20 JPGs 270920 for EU (zip) 270920 for WD (zip)
30/09/20 JPGs 300920 for EU (zip) 300920 for WD (zip)
02/10/20 JPGs 021020 for EU (zip) 021020 for WD (zip)
04/10/20 JPGs 041020 for EU (zip) 041020 for WD (zip)
09/10/20 JPGs 091020 for EU (zip) 091020 for WD (zip)
11/10/20 JPGs 111020 for EU (zip) 111020 for WD (zip)
16/10/20 JPGs 161020 for EU (zip) 161020 for WD (zip)
18/10/20 JPGs 181020 for EU (zip) 181020 for WD (zip)
23/10/20 JPGs 231020 for EU (zip) 231020 for WD (zip)
25/10/20 JPGs 251020 for EU (zip) 251020 for WD (zip)
30/10/20 JPGs 301020 for EU (zip) 301020 for WD (zip)
01/11/20 JPGs 011120 for EU (zip) 011120 for WD (zip)
06/11/20 JPGs 061120 for EU (zip) 061120 for WD (zip)
08/11/20 JPGs 081120 for EU (zip) 081120 for WD (zip)
13/11/20 JPGs 131120 for EU (zip) 131120 for WD (zip)
15/11/20 JPGs 151120 for EU (zip) 151120 for WD (zip)
20/11/20 JPGs 201120 for EU (zip) 201120 for WD (zip)
22/11/20 JPGs 221120 for EU (zip) 221120 for WD (zip)
27/11/20 JPGs 271120 for EU (zip) 271120 for WD (zip)

Updated 01/12/2020: v58 now includes Google reports up to the 27nd of November 2020. We have also now split the excel spreadsheets into data before and after the 1st of October.  This has been done because of the size of the spreadsheets in question.  This is both for the mapping data spreadsheets and the 3-day average spreadsheets.

Please note Google has now updated some categories to improve how they compute retail, recreation and other categories. The latest update will ensure consistency in the way that the data is being reported.

For our data this means that we are again mapping all categories, please use the latest data files to ensure consistency.

As of the 26th July Google has also released higher resolution data for a number of countries.  We have improved the resolution of the maps for France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.  Currently we are not plotting the improved data for other countries as the new admin areas are too small to be viewed on out two map extents.  The data is available in the spreadsheets however for your own analysis.

We use the data from the CSV provided by Google and calculate the data using a mean of the last three days from each date.  This differs slightly from Googles PDF reports that present data only from the single previous day.  A spreadsheet of 3 day moving means for all days from February the 17th, the days are referenced by their Gregorian calendar, so February the 17th for instance is day 48. 

Google has published a series of PDF files and now a CSV file presenting reports on national and subnational human mobility levels relative to a baseline data of late January 2020. The details and the PDF files can be found at

The first set of data were released on April 2 2020 and have been revised weekly since then.

The authors have extracted the majority of these data into a series of excel spreadsheets and maps, currently accessible on figshare. The spreadsheet provides the data for % change in numbers of records each week at various types of location categories illustrated by: retail and recreation, grocery and pharmacy, parks and beaches, transit stations, workplaces and residential. Further details are in the notes worksheet. The maps (for EU & Global) display these data. We provide 600 dpi jpegs of the Global (“WD”) and European (“EU”) mapped values at the latest date available, for each of the mobility categories: retail and recreation (“retrec”) , grocery and pharmacy (“grocphar”) , parks (“parks”) , transit stations (“transit”), residential (“resid”) and workplaces (“work”). We also provide maps of the changes from the previous week (“ch”).

All data extracting and subsequent processing have been carried out by ERGO (Environmental Research Group Oxford) on behalf of the MOOD H2020 project. Data will be periodically updated. Additional maps can be obtained on request to the authors.




Geographical Information Manager at the Environmental Research Group Oxford

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