Project Progress

Project Progress

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Last updated: 15-03-2024

Project duration

January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2024


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Deliverables reached
  • WP leader: Wim Van Bortel 
  • Country & Institution: Belgium, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP1 evaluates user needs, establishes and maintains communication between the project and end-users during the project lifetime, and ensures data flow and usability of the project outputs for different international, European and national PH/VA agencies (especially in link with WP4 and WP5). It maps and assesses the epidemic intelligence1 capacities in the European PH/VH agencies in order to better target the technical innovations with MOOD.Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
  • WP leader: Annapaola Rizzoli
  • Country & Institution: Italy, Fondazione Edmund Mach
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP2 creates detailed disease profiles to provide indicators, proxies and define “signals” of disease emergence. It also provides data (favouring open/free data sources, both indicator and event-based1) for WP3 and WP4 and ensures that outputs are realistic, pertinent, and useful about the state of knowledge on disease by creating a community of disease experts. Disease profiles and indicators will be set for major air-borne, vector-borne, food and water-borne infectious diseases, including an unknown disease (disease X) and antimicrobial resistance of interest to Europe.
  • WP leader: Maguelonne Teisseire
  • Country & Institution: France, Institut National de Recherche, pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP3 secures data pipelines that will extend beyond the duration of the project in link with WP2 and WP4. It starts from a core of existing data streams and data sets to ensure delivery, and add ad-hoc developments and innovations to ensure that data integration is adequate for modelling. It merges, standardises and uniformizes multi-source data for both outbreaks, climate and environmental change, vector distribution, movement of animals and passengers, next-gene sequence and antimicrobial resistance data.
  • WP leader: Vittoria Colizza 
  • Country & Institution: France, Institut National de la Santé Et de la Recherche Médicale
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP4 analyses the disease indicators proposed by WP2 and in link with the needs of end-users in WP1. It develops disease-specific and generic methods for analysis and modelling to detect space – time anomalies, monitor diseases (endemic vs epidemic) and assess risk of disease emergence (importation and spread in Europe). It evaluates and adapt (in case of need) the models on the chosen disease systems according to the end-user needs (in link with WP1).
  • WP leader: Cédric Marsboom 
  • Country & Institution: Belgium,  AVIA-GIS 
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP5 develops sustainable open source tools based on the defined user needs (in link with WP1) and the models developed in WP4. It ensures piloting/demonstrating the platform and assessing/validating the results with end-users (in link with WP1) and fixing the platform based on the findings (in link with WP4). The tools will support both computer (web platform) and mobile (app) application so that they increase appropriation by a larger community of end-users.
  • WP leader: Tomislav Hengl
  • Country & Institution: Netherland, Stichting OpenGeoHub 
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP6 consolidates and follows up the MOOD tools in ecosystem with the end-users in the EU and beyond. It organizes local/EU events to improve policy and create a synergy with open source communities and public/private stakeholders to fuel sustainability of the innovations beyond the project duration. It closely monitors the change process (outcomes) for end-users to lift adoption of tools in risk assessment and decision-making (in link with WP1) in European PH/VH agencies and the PH/VH agencies in the neighbouring European third-countries.
  • WP leader: Elena Arsevska
  • Country & Institution: France, CIRAD, JRU ASTRE  
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP7 ensures that the project moves in conformity with the work plan with regard to milestones, deliverables, and planned resources. It implements a moderated process of interdisciplinary dialogue to ensure the workflow and communication between all WPs. In link with WP1 and WP6 ensures the monitoring and update of the innovation pathway of the project outcomes. This WP assures quality accomplishment of all activities by monitoring the risks and by respecting the ethics and data protection aspects of the project. It optimises the infrastructural setup to support the project in conformity to the EC rules and procedures.
  • WP leader: Elena Arsevska
  • Country & Institution: France CIRAD, JRU ASTRE  
  • E mail:
  • Short description: WP8 sets out the “ethics requirements” that the project must comply with.

Completed Milestones

Total Milestones Completion Progress
46/53 86.79%

Completed Deliverables

Overall Progress on WP Deliverables

WP1 Deliverables
4/5 80%
WP2 Deliverables
2/3 66%
WP3 Deliverables
4/4 100%
WP4 Deliverables
1/6 15%
WP5 Deliverables
1/3 33%
WP6 Deliverables
3/6 50%
WP7 Deliverables
9/11 72%
WP8 Deliverables
11/12 83%