MOOD at IMED2021

Members of the MOOD project will give a consistent contribution to the Eighth International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance (IMED 2021) organized by MOOD’s very own partner, the US-based International Society for Infectious Disease (ISID). 7 e-posters from different MOOD research groups have been selected along with 1 key-note talk by Mathieu Roche, Senior Research Scientist (PhD, HDR) at CIRAD – TETIS research unit -“Mining Online and Social Media to Analyze Epidemic Periods.”

Emerging diseases are, more than ever, at the centre of the world’s attention. MOOD will join this online meeting, together with a diverse group of experts from around the world, to present new discoveries and breakthroughs about modelling emerging diseases from a data science perspective.

On day 1,  Mathieu Roche, Senior Research Scientist (PhD, HDR) at CIRAD, will contribute to the Scientific Session 01: The Impact of Media and Politics on Outbreak Preparedness and Control, moderated by Devika DixitUniversity of Saskatchewan & University of Calgary, Saskatoon and Calgary, Canada, and to complement the talks by Ilaria CapuaOne Health Center of Excellence, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA,  Elizabeth Cheung, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong.

E-posters from MOOD partners:

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More information:

Read the scientific programme here.


*After session release, sessions will be available for the duration of the meeting and for three months after the conclusion of the meeting.