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Unifying and improving health monitoring in Europe and around the world

With climate change, animal and human mobility, growing populations and urbanization, there is now an increased risk of the emergence and accelerated the global spread of new pathogens. It is crucial that the emergence of a pathogen can be rapidly detected and assessed for the risk it poses to public health through all all the availble sources of data. 

The EU-funded MOOD project is taking advantage of data mining and analysis of big data to enhance the utility of event-based surveillance (EBS), utilising reports, stories, rumours and other information transmitted through formal or informal channels including blogs, hotlines and social media. Ultimately, MOOD is supporting the work of European and global public and veterinary health agencies by providing existing monitoring platforms with methodological and practical support in response to their needs.

The MOOD project will reinforce collaborations with other French and European research institutes for even greater performance of the tool for epidemic intelligence purposes, in a One Health approach.
Elena Arsevska
Elena Arsevska
MOOD Coordinator
At The Core Of All Emerging Diseases Lies A Very Complex Nexus Of Various Factors.
Renaud Lancelot
Renaud Lancelot
MOOD Scientific Board Member
This is what's specific and also very challenging of the MOOD project: you really need these interactions between working packages to achieve what we have to achieve.
Wim van Bortel
ITM Belgium - WP1 Leader

4 steps to improve epidemic preparedness and response


on Epidemic Intelligence systems in European countries with different socioeconomic statuses, geography, climate, and surveillance methods: Spain, Finland, France, Italy and Serbia;


Epidemic Intelligence stakeholders characterized their systems and then jointly assessed their needs in terms of Epidemic Intelligence tools and services;


Based on identified user-needs, tools & services will be developed in close collaboration with end-users,  together with training programmes to ensure their uptake;


Outputs will be made available to the European Centre for Disease Control and to public health agencies involved, and disseminated in Europe and beyond, particularly in the global South; 

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MOOD's activities

Annual Consortium Meeting 2022

The first in-person Consortium gathering to promote advancements and collaborations among WPs, steer connections between peers, and support the work of young researchers with a Poster Award. The event will be also include the interactive workshop with Public Health and Veterinary Health practitioners to co-design the very first MOOD tools & services to enhance preparedness.

Learn to model

Join a three-day full-immersion training session around analytical methods for epidemiology in MOOD, Outbreak analysis & data analytics in open source.
20-22 June 2022 – Montpellier (Fr)

International expert workshop

Fondazione Edmund Mach (WP2) invites MOOD partners join a 2-days hybrid workshop to discuss, network, and present research work around current and future tools and data for Epidemic Intelligence, highlighting the interdisciplinary approaches needed under the One Health umbrella.
28-29 September 2022 – Trento (It)


Latest developments

Training on ArbocartoR

From February 27th to 29th, 2024, fifteen participants from all across Europe gathered to be trained on using the ArbocartoR, the online platform developed at Cirad (France) in the frame

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Milestones & Deliverables

Deliverable 7.10

This deliverable summarizes the main collaboration points between the MOOD and VEO project consortia for the second year of the MOOD project.

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