Ethics and Data Protection Meeting – November

Agenda : Update on D8.11 web mining ethics (technical details from WP3) Update on D8.12 intellectual property (inputs from partners and strategy) Update on the code of conduct preparatory meeting

WP3 Meeting

1) Following the October meeting agenda for Task 3 and 4: Presentation Task 3 - Integration of disease and covariate data o SubTask 1 - Linking official and unofficial disease data. Leader: INESC ID (M13-M48). o SubTask2 - Data consistency between disease and covariate datasets. Leader: SIB (M19-M48). o Discussion and actions to be listed […]

Workshop 5.2 for exchange between users and MOOD partners

WP2 List of subtasks and leaders Subtask 2.1.1. Systematic literature review activity for each prototype pathogen and disease model FEM, ISS, INSERM, ITM. Leader: ISS (M1-M45) Subtask 2.1.2. Complement the literature reviews by expert input. FEM, ISS, ETH, AVIA-GIS, ISCIII, IPHS, THL, ANSES, KU LEUVEN, CIRAD, IRSTEA, INESC ID, ITM, INSERM, IPHS, ISID Leader: FEM (M6-M36) Subtask 2.1.3. Identification […]

CMMID Annual Lecture: Modelling and Big Data for outbreak response: pre- and post-COVID-19

Years of preparedness and scientific progress have been harshly put to test in the most difficult health crisis of the last 100 years. Following the path of our experience in this first year, Vittoria will discuss pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities to improve modelling for outbreak response. Date:  Tuesday 8 December 2020 Time: 16:00 - 17:30 […]

MOOD Chronicle, Year 1

Innovative Research in Epidemic Intelligence During a Time of Turmoil Date: Tuesday 15th 16:00-20:00 Paris/Rome time  For any questions or inquiries about attendance or contents of the event, please contact MOOD has just finished its first year of activity in the highly challenging context of the Covid-19 pandemic which started to spread at the same […]

WP4 Meeting

Programme: COVID-19 talk 1: Vittoria Colliza - "Under-detection of COVID-19 cases in France threatens epidemic control" COVID-19 talk 2: Marius Gilbert - "On the timing of interventions to preserve hospital capacity: lessons to be learned from the Belgian SARS-CoV-2 pandemic" Subtask 4.1.2. Pilot prototype - Pascal Poncelet (LIRMM) - "A visual platform for comparing geolocated […]

VEO and MOOD projects present at OHEJP Cogwheel Workshop

Following our partners from VEO, MOOD presented at the One Health European Joint Programme Cogwheel Workshop, 25 February 2021. The cogwheel workshops have the following purposes: Integrative action Alignment with strategic initiatives at EU level Identify synergies, joint priorities and opportunities for collaboration Avoid overlaps MOOD and VEO representatives presented the projects and participated in […]