Leptospirosis case study

Leptospirosis as model of neglected endemic pathogen with multiple transmission routes and reservoirs

Leptospirosis is a zoonosis occurring worldwide, caused by the pathogenic bacterium Leptospira.

Leptospirosis is one of the top ten infectious hazards reported globally and is transmitted to people and animals through exposure to water and soil contaminated by the urine of infected animals, namely rodents. In 2015, 222 leptospirosis cases, including 626 (51%) confirmed cases, were reported by 29 EU/EEA countries and the notification concerned mainly the severe cases in PH (40%). With global climate change, extreme weather events are expected to occur with increasing frequency and greater intensity and may potentially result in an upsurge in disease incidence as well as the magnitude of leptospirosis outbreaks.

Despite efforts in research, the true spread and increase of leptospirosis remain unknown, as the risk distribution, detection and data accessibility pose serious challenges to epidemic intelligence in Europe. 

MOOD tools for Leptospirosis

Generic module for event-based surveillance

1a. PadiWeb + ProMED (tbc) connected to visualisation engine (EpiVis)

Generic data access module

In order to get an efficient intersectoral collaboration that can allow identifying sites with an increased risk of leptospirosis in humans and animals, a dashboard could help visualisation of leptospira laboratory data (on cases and serotypes) and their space-time clusters in link with the query, visualisation and download of covariates (vector, host, environment) for this disease.

MOOD Contacts for Leptspirosis

Case Study Facilitator

Elena Arsevska

Elena Arsevska
Epidemiologist at CIRAD, France

Data Access

Luca Busani
Istituto Superiore di Sanitá (ISS),Italy 
Literature review

Data Access

Annapaola Rizzoli
Fondazione E. Mach, Italy
Data Provision

Data Access

Francesca Dagostin
Fondazione E. Mach, Italy 
Visualization of covariates from review of literature

Animal&Public Health

Florence Ayral


William Wint
E.R.G.O., United Kingdom


Markus Neteler
mundialis, Germany 

Case Animator

Fanny Bouyer
Social Scientist at GERDAL


Guy Hendricks


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