MOOD General Assembly Meeting 2023

The MOOD General Annual  2023 will take place on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of June 2023 at the THL headquarters in Helsinki (Finland), preceded by the MOOD Science Conference 2023.

On this occasion, MOOD partners will present the work updates and advancements achieved so far, as well as the future steps of each working group and disease case study.

Towards the MOOD Epidemic Intelligence Platform V2

On Wednesday 28th, end-users from Public and Animal Health agencies will be invited to learn and test the second version of the MOOD Epidemic Intelligence Platform parts, presented by the MOOD developers from AVIA-gis and LIRMM.

The focus of the presentations will cover the following functionalities for Module 1 ‘Data and Covariate Access’ and Module 2 ‘Event-based Surveillance System data’:

  1. Vector data layers
  2. Downloadable data queries and extracts for imported sets of data points and polygons
  3. Change analysis
  4. Further integrations of the received feedback from users such as user experience improvements and other computational suggestions;
  5. Documentation of the data layers with the MOOD Geonetwork metadata archive;
  6. Providing additional background information for layers;
  7. Providing additional information on processing methods;
  8. Integration link to the independent MOOD Epi-Data-Explore (MOOD-EDE)

Objectives of the meeting

  1. Share Update on WPs’ progress and case studies, as well as the development of the MOOD platform;
  2. Present the functionalities of the MOOD Epidemic Intelligence platform, collect inputs from end-users, and set up the improvements by the end of the project;
  3. Promote networking and reinforce collaboration between partners and end-users.


The program will be open to interested users on Wednesday 28th. Thursday 29th will be an internal meeting for partners only.
More info will be published shortly. Planned activities will include:
1. Demonstrations of the MOOD Epidemic Intelligence Platform modules with feedback collection;
2. Testing and validation sessions;
3. Plenary and parallel sessions for WorkPackages;
4. Parallel sessions on MOOD disease case studies;
5. Executive Board Meeting;


MOOD project’s partners and end users for day 1, and MOOD project’s partners for Day 2.


This event is open to anyone interested in MOOD products: to receive the invitation, please contact the MOOD coordination at the address below.

Scientific Poster Award:

Please find all information about this on the brochure on this link.