SONAR Global

The goal of SONAR Global project is to enhance
preparedness and response to epidemics, vaccine hesitancy, and the prevention of antimicrobial resistance in complex social, political, economic and ecological contexts. The Sonar-Global provides social scientists with a platform to share experiences, tools, models and curricula.

SONAR Global works on a “COVID-19 Vulnerability Assessment and Community Engagement” initiative which – as they state on their website – “takes at its starting point that the COVID-19 pandemic has created new kinds of vulnerability uncaptured by standard UN categories. To address effectively the needs of these vulnerable populations, EC member countries must and develop strategies that can allocate resources to them more efficiently and effectively and can achieve buy-in across multiple sectors and levels.”

In order to implement vulnerability assessment tools and community engagement models in Malta, Slovenia, France, Germany, Italy, and Bangladesh, and to build on already existing vulnerability assessment in conjunction activities in Uganda, SONAR Global is collaborating with the MOOD network.