VEO project

The VEO (Versatile Emerging infectious disease Observatory) project is working on the creation and distribution of high-quality actionable information for evidence-based early warning, risk assessment and monitoring of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The platform will support mining, sharing, integration, presentation and analysis of traditional and novel data sources, integrating both publicly available and confidential data.

MOOD-VEO Collaborations: towards One Health

The MOOD project is collaborating closely with the VEO H2020 project. We share many objectives while being different in the sense that MOOD is more focused on user perspective and tracking and understanding outbreaks after they happened, while VEO focuses on outbreaks before they happen.

Common deliverables:

D5: Initial Meeting with ECDC


D35: Collaborative Work Plan and Concrete Actions for Collborations


D36: 1st Annual Joint Meeting of the Leadership of Both Consortia


D37: 2nd annual joint meeting of the leadership of both consortia


D39: 4rd Annual Joint Meeting of the Leadership of Both Consortia


D38: 3rd Annual Joint Meeting of the Leadership of Both Consortia


Differences and complementarities between the two projects


Aim: the sutainability of epidemiological data streams

Focus: Prediction and tracking in humans

Target audience: Public data and Public Health, Veterinary Health organizations

Approach: User-driven

Event-based surveillance, drive data to contextualize modelling

Data: working with existing sources of data

Experts: asks experts for relevant data sources and partners to involve in the projects


Aim: exploring potential for future surveillance and early warning of new data types

Focus: Prediction and tracking in reservoir

Target audience: pulic, newly generated metagenomic, systems serology, citizen science

Approach: Data-driven

Type of analysis: analysis based on driver change

Data: pilot projects generating large datasets, metagenomics and system serology

Experts: works with examples where experts have international network generating data

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