Project coordinator

Renaud Lancelot

The intervention logic of MOOD was co-designed with all project partners and targeted end-users (VH/PH agencies partners of the project) using an iterative and participatory impact pathway approach (ImpreS ex-ante approach). Therefore, during the build-up of MOOD we have set out a plausible impact pathway, focusing at first on the generation of outcomes (outcomes being the appropriation/use/adaptation of the intervention products (or outputs) by actors). During the project implementation, we will set a monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) process focused on the project outcomes, based on the revision of the draft impact pathway. This process will enable strategic management, by identifying the needed adjustments and adaptations to the initial impact pathway, and by understanding the outcome generating processes.

Project Coordinator (Epidemiologists)

Renaud is the main interlocutor of the Consortium with the European Commission (EC) and ensure all scientific, technical and financial reporting to the EC. In order to implement the project deliverables, he will coordinate all technical/support activities among the WPs, manage the project’s decision-making process and chair the Executive Board (EB) and General Assembly (GA).

"It is very difficult to link the emergence of diseases with climate change"