D8.6 Annual report Ethics/Data Protection Advisory Board on ethics issue

This deliverable covers the sixth Ethics Review requirement requesting the Ethics and Advisory Board to report on the ethics and privacy issues raised by the project. This report summarizes the work performed during the first 12 months by the Ethics and Data Protection Advisory Board and within the work-package 8 dedicated to the ethics and data protection tasks. The ethics issues within MOOD relates to the involvement of humans in surveys, workshops and activities, the protection of the data collected and processed in the frame of the project, the involvement of several non-EU countries and the risk of misuse of the research findings.

The MOOD Coordination invested a lot of effort in building an ethics and data protection monitoring structure through the establishment of a very active Ethics and Data Protection Board that met 9 times in 2020 and contributed to six deliverables:

– D8.1 H – Requirement No. 1- Informed consent form procedures
– D8.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 – Data processed are relevant and limited of purposes
– D8.3 NEC – Requirement No. 3 – Activities in non-EU countries
– D8.4 M – Requirement No. 4 – Risk assessment measures to prevent misuse of research
– D8.5 GEN – Requirement No. 5 – MOOD Ethics and Data protection Advisory Board
– D8.10 GEN – Requirement No. 10 – MOOD ethics management plan