D8.12. Legal requirements concerning intellectual property law and data ownership frameworks

This deliverable is part of the MOOD WP8: Ethics requirements.
In this deliverable the Consortium answers to the Ethics Review’s requirements intellectual property law and data ownership frameworks in MOOD and especially linked to the activities implemented in WP3 (text mining), WP5 (data storage), WP6 (outputs outreach).

1. We summarize the Intellectual Property Rights governance model that has been set up in the MOOD project and describes existing licensing models of the datasets and software used or created within the MOOD project in order to ensure the sustainability and exploitation of its outputs.

2. We outline internal procedures for knowledge and IPR management adopted in accordance with MOOD Grant Agreement and MOOD Consortium Agreement.

3. We conduct the legal analysis of copyrighted content and the requirement of authorisation.

4. We provide an overview of the most popular open-source licenses and their terms as well as licensing options considered optimal for MOOD outputs.

5. We define the general principles of the exploitation strategy of the MOOD consortium to be further detailed in the Deliverable 6.4

6. We explore the legal protection schemes of the access to and the utilisation of various data sources and datasets collected within MOOD project for the future MOOD platform, such as trade secret protection, copyright and related rights and sui generis database protection.

7. We give particular attention to the possible multi-layered system of software protection, consisting of copyright law, patent law, contract law and technical measures.

8. We provide a quick overview of the most popular open-source licenses used within MOOD project and general instructions on how to make all results open access were possible. We also explore possible tools and procedures to ensure the compatibility of different licenses

Actual submission date: 31/03/2021
Organisation name of lead contractor: CIRAD