D7.9 – Report on 1st annual joint meeting of the leadership of both consortia

The first Joint annual VEO/MOOD meetings was planned to be held during the MOOD Kick off meetingin Stockholm in March 2020. The KOM was actually held at these dates but transforme into virtual meetings. On this opportunity, VEO was invited and was represented by F. Møller Aarestrup (DTU/VEO). MOOD and VEO respectively presented their consortium and scientific programme.Conclusions have been reported in the Deliverable 7.8 « report on collaborative work plan and concrete actions between MOOD and VEO ». 

In turn, MOOD was invited to the virtual VEO Kick off meeting held on 4-5 June 2020 and was represented by the project manager and WP1 leader. This KOM was dedicated to COVID 19 and some interesting approaches of text minning were identified as potential areas of collaboration between both projects.We had several exchanges with VEO which resulted in the participation of R. Lancelot to the VEO External User Stakeholder Panel. Until now only one meeting has been held on 27 November 2020. A lot of complementarities between both project on themes and diseases, particularly in the data and scenario used. A collaboration between MOOD and VEO would be interesting and beneficial for both projects.VEO’s reply is pending.